The Architecture of Santa Fe New Mexico
The Architecture of Santa Fe
The Architecture of Santa Fe is truly unique. The homes rise from the earth and envelop the sense of place that makes Santa Fe the City Different.
Architectural Styles & Terms
  • Vigas - Round logs used as beams to support the ceiling.
  • Portal - Patio or porch that is attached to the house.
  • Nicho - Small shelf carved into a wall.
  • Latillas - Wood branches used as ceiling planks.
  • Kiva Fireplace - A fireplace with an opening that resembles the shape of a beehive.
  • Canale - A spout off of the roof from which water flows.
  • Banco - A plastered bench.
  • Architectural Styles:
    • Pueblo Style
    • Territorial Style
    • Northern New Mexico Style
Pueblo Style Architecture
Territorial Style Architecture in Santa Fe New Mexico
Northern New Mexico Architectural Style
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